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Shade Marquee Tent Walls, Doors and Windows digital print
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COMMERCIAL HEAVY DUTY RANGE – aluminium frame, commercial grade, waterproof polyester roof top, pegs and ropes

HEAVY DUTY RANGE – heavy duty aluminium frame, commercial grade, waterproof polyester roof top, carry bag, pegs and ropes

In addition to our standard package for our marquees, there are some optional marquee accessories that can make it even bigger and better! We have the following available to purchase separately:

• ropes and pegs


At Portable Pop Up Marquees, we strive to give you the complete package, with all the basics needed to get you started with your Marquee or gazebo.

In addition to our standard package for our marquees, there are some optional marquee accessories that can make it even bigger and better! We have the following available to purchase separately:


Optional Extras

Half or full wall, printed or plain
• Leg weights
• Marquee Banner Clamp
• Marquee Wheel Castors
• Gutters

• Connector units
• Wheeled Carry Bag
• Spare Parts
• Marquee Banner Clamp

Find out more information about these accessories below.


23KG Rubber Leg Weight

For use with our Portable Pop Up Marquees, the 23kg leg weights are made of heavy duty durable rubber and include a rope carry handle. Perfect for providing stability on different surfaces.

These leg weights are an easy and effective way to secure your Portable Pop Up Marquee on any surface, whether it is grass, concrete or sand. Using the convenient rope handle, simply slide the weight over the marquee foot and that's it! A weight on each leg will sufficiently anchor your marquee.

Dimensions : 52cm x 52cm x 8cm                  

Sand Bag Leg Wrap Weight

Weighing up to 10kg when filled with sand, the Fabric Leg Wrap can be transported empty providing a lighter option when bringing your Portable Pop Up Marquee to an event.

When you need the Sand Leg Wrap Weight to secure your Portable Pop up Marquee, simply fill each of the four double tubes with sand and wrap around the marquee legs. The weight is then secured to the marquee leg with a Velcro strap.

Each Sand Leg Wrap will hold up to 10kg of sand between each of the four double tubes when filled with sand.

Shade Marquee Tent 23KG Rubber Leg Weight

Shade Marquee Tent Sand-leg-weight

Marquee Walls, Doors and Windows

Enclose your Portable Pop Up Marquee from the elements with our fully printable Marquee Walls. Easily attaches to your marquee with velcro straps.

Superior quality printing from one colour Screen Print to Full Colour Digital Printing, using the latest technology.

Click here for more information:

Shade Marquee tent Walls, Doors and Windows full digital print

Marquee Wheel Castors

The wheel castor system will make it easy and quick to move and re-position your marquee.

• Attaches to the 50mm frame system with ease.
• Detachable if not required.
• Structurally reinforced system where each wheel turns independently.
• The locking capability on each wheel makes it secure and stable.
• Not recommended for use where leg weights are required.
Marquee Wheel Castor

Marquee Connector Units

When you need to join two or more Marquees together to provide a larger covered area, the Marquee Connector strapping will securely connect your Marquees.

Marquee Gutters

Add – on gutters are used when two or more Marquees are used next to each other, thereby preventing water
dripping between the Marquees.

shade Marquee tent-Rain-Gutter water

Carry Bag with Wheels

The Black Wheeled Carry Bag, is available to fit the Heavy Duty Marquee. The carry case is a great way to store
and transport your marquee to and from events.

3m-shade Marquee tent -Carry-Case-with-wheels

Marquee Banner Clamp

The Marquee Banner Clamp allows you to easily and effortlessly attach a flying banner securely to your marquee. Designed to add height to your display and together with the movement of the banner your brand will get even more exposure and truly stand out !No one will miss you !

Features :

• Easy to attach and mount

• Heavy duty  Epoxy Painted steel

• Rubber pad for protection and grip

• Allows your banner to move easily in the wind

• Can be fitted to any height on the marquee leg  

• Recommended for small and medium size banners

Suitable for all Marquees in our Range

A range of spare parts are available for your Portable Pop Up Marquee frame. Don’t despair in the unfortunate event that your Marquee is damaged in extreme weather or in an accident. Call us to order the spare parts required to repair your marquee,and your Marquee could be ready for your next event.

shade Marquee tent Spare Parts

PORTABLE POP UP MARQUEES, offering everything
you need for the perfect marquee setup – and more!

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