Portable Pop Up Marquees provides dedicated solutions and advice for a wide range of Industries. As the business leaders in portable pop up marquees we know that not all marketing needs are the same and specific industries require tailored solutions for their requirements. We also are a one-stop-shop with excellent selections for event signage, banners and other display systems, so we can provide integrated products for your next campaign.

Retail and Automotive

It is vital in this category that your marquee not only reflects the character of your business but also can create a promotional area at your showroom or retail sites. In contemporary fast-paced urban areas your portable pop up marquees need to convey energy and a vibrant meeting point for your sales team with customers. We can organise supplementary signage including display systems, portable banners, branded tablecloths and other items in addition to your marquees.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

For trade shows ease of set-up and transport is key. Consider our highly durable portable pop up marquees that require minimal set up time yet are of the highest quality. They are very easy to be dismantled and transported by car. We can provide technical expertise on the best methods of installation for both indoor and outdoor venues. Just ask us about our full suite of display and signage selections.

Media Promotions and Roadshows

At Portable Pop Up Marquees we have a full range of UV resistant quality materials. Often these are used in conjunction with event signage and banners. Remember, for these types of events it is vital you select fabric with a finish that will not cause reflection off camera flashes. Our signage and portable banners also have particular fabric selections suitable for media promotions and roadshows.

Educational Institutions and Community Events

The durability of your portable pop up marquee is a top priority for frequent use in promotions for Educational Institutions and Community Events. We can source a heavy-duty marquee that comes with after sales service and allows you to rebrand the roof tops and replace damaged components – to maximise both your brand impact and longevity of use. We can complement your marquees with signage and portable banners as we are a one stop shop.

Sporting and Outdoor Events

In this category it is important to maximise exposure amongst large crowds and our Portable Pop up Marquee range has ample flexibility with roof overhangs, walls and door options. Events in this space are often sunny and quite hot and our portable pop up marquee solutions ensure there is plenty of shade available whilst maximising UV protection. We can also provide event signage and portable banners – whatever is required for your next event.  

Councils and Government Departments

With Portable Pop up Marquees you can easily and effectively promote your Council or Department at multiple different sites with highly cost effective portable marquees and signage which can easily be transported and set up for each new site and event.

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