Lightbox Banner Wall


The Banner that shines! An innovative design which is sure to amaze your audience, and competitors alike so everyone will remember your brand. It is extremely lightweight and packs down into a wheeled carry case for easy transportation. The carry case itself can then also be used as a counter display – see “Travel Case to Counter Display” page.

After assembling the frame and attaching the lights, the custom printed polyester sleeve zips easily over it, and once plugged into the power, your Lightbox Banner Wall is ready to go!

  • Single- or double-sided printing available for multiple designs on the same display
  • Our highest quality printing and hardware ensure that your banner will last
  • Replacement printed sleeves are available upon request
  • 12V LED lights are supplied with transformer and plugs


Comes complete with:

  • Frame
  • Custom printed sleeve
  • LED lights + transformer + plug
  • Wheeled carry case


Sizes (width x height):

  • 25 x 2.25m
  • 00 x 2.25m
  • For larger exhibitions, multiple Banner Walls can be used to fit your space


Multiple Banner Walls can be placed alongside each other to fill a larger space.


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