Ball Target Pop-Up


Advertise with this fun, interactive branding at your sports club, school, or sponsored event.



Be the talk of your next event with the Throw-A-Ball Target from Expandasign! Whether it be a footy practice, beach event or fair, you can provide hours of entertainment whilst advertising your brand.

The Pop-Up Throw-A-Ball Target comes in two sizes and provides the ultimate fun element for any practice session or festival at your sports, school, club or sponsored event.

Standard package includes:

  • Pop-Up banner, rods, carry bag, pegs
  • Target hole for ball to pass through
  • Customised artwork for your specific needs and branding
  • Full Colour Digital Printing
  • Strong fibreglass rods system
  • Simple 2 step folding system
  • Easy to transport, pop up and take down
  • Displays 100% of your message, 100% of the time



Superior Hardware Design:

  • Strong fibreglass rods designed for high flexibility and long-lasting durability
  • The flexible fibreglass rods can bend easily and pop back to keep their original shape unlike steel or aluminium copies
  • Simple 2 step folding system
  • Reinforced material eyelets are also located around the base of the pop-up banner and are ideal for securing your banner outdoors
  • Sturdy Velcro struts
  • Pegs supplied to secure your banners outdoors
  • Over the shoulder carry bag for easy transport


  • Your customised artwork for your specific needs and branding
  • Latest technology full Colour Digital Printing
  • Highest quality inks
  • Brilliant, rich colours and superb detail

Fabric Banner:

  • Target hole for Ball to pass through
  • Your customised artwork for your specific needs and branding
  • High grade knitted polyester fabric
  • Internal sand pockets sewn into the banner
  • Tensioned Banner with Velcro struts
  • 2 Printed Panels


The system is extremely simple and quick to install and take down, with no tools required.

  1. Remove the banner from the over the shoulder carry bag, then allow banner to pop up into shape
  2. Join the Velcro struts
  • For outdoors you can choose to secure your display with pegs or fill the internal sand pockets.

This completes the assembly of the display and you are ready to showcase your message! The simple 2 step folding mechanism makes packing away effortless!


The following spare parts and accessories are also available to purchase separately:


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