Marquees have always been a favourite among event and festival organisers, with dual benefits.  Not only to provide shelter at school events, carnivals, festivals and much more but they serve as an advertising billboard that can’t be missed. They’re comfortable during hot summer periods while keeping you dry during the rainy months. Whatever the outdoor condition may be, a marquee will keep you cool and comfortable whilst getting your advertising out there.

Since marquees are easy to set up, school events like carnivals, fetes and fairs are the perfect venues. School marquees open many marketing opportunities for companies during these events. They can print their company’s logo on the marquee while offering their products or services to the students and guests. In addition, marquees can be used all year round and at any time of the day.

Aside from the marketing opportunities these marquees offer, here are some more reasons why they are ideal for school events:

  • Marquees are easy to erect and take down. They feature telescopic legs and a pull pin locking mechanism for easier adjustments in height.
  • Modern industrial strength polyesters are used for the marquee’s roof tops and walls. These materials are more durable , and provides waterproof  protection as well as providing  more UV protection for its users. This is especially useful for children attendees.
  • Commercial grade aluminium frames act as support for the Portable Pop Up Marquee frames. The bracing on the heavy duty cross arms provide additional strength  on our frame, as our Marquees are designed to provide you  with the superior strength that you need for extended use of your marquee .
  • Schools have strict safety requirements for outdoor shelters. Good marquees are designed to prevent damage during demanding  weather conditions. The cross bracings on our marquees were designed to add strength to its structure, and when anchored with weights will protect your marquee from damage.
  • Marquees also come in different colours and sizes, making them highly customisable. You can chose a plain, unprinted fabric from our range of colours or digitally print your logo and wording, whether as a full digital print, a screen printed area or spot digital in certain areas only. The school’s logo ,name and mission statement, can be imprinted on a marquee, giving visitors a lasting impression.

The school’s staff and students need not worry about standing out in the elements. Setting up a marquee will ensure a happy, memorable and worry-free school event.

For reliable and sturdy marquees for your school events, contact Portable Pop Up Marquees on 1300 658 619. They have a wide variety of pop-up marquees and gazebos for any occasion. You may also send your enquiries via email to

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