Marquees are effective tools in promoting your brand, especially during outdoor events. They provide a functional shaded area, while capturing significant attention with their designs. Below are some of the benefits in using promotional marquees for your corporate events.

Features an attractive design

The design of most marquees offers a professional and elegant look, available in different sizes and shapes. With the right lighting, you can even make a marquee standout at night. Working with a marquee provider, you can also design your message or brand on the marquee in a way that will best capture the attention of your target market. Marquees can make your brand stand out.

Unlike billboards or posters, marquees have three sides to showcase your brand. Your company name and logo becomes visible to foot traffic within the location and your target audience have a higher chance of encountering your brand in comparison to other conventional advertising methods.

Creates a unique venue

Marquees allow you to hold you’re corporate event in an outdoor area.  They are ideal for events outside, as well as trade shows, allowing you to construct your own personal and portable office or shop in minutes, creating an intimate space that is uniquely yours. Marquees also provide enough coverage during the sun and rain.

Allows for versatile uses

Marquees can be compared to blank canvases due to their versatility. They can also be tailored to your outdoor events. For example, flooring tiles can be added to prevent the attendant’s shoes from getting dirty. You can also add additional walls to create more hanging space and close off the marquee.

These structures can also be placed in different locations, from beaches and parks or concrete floors and exhibition halls. Because they’re portable, marquees are easier to relocate.

As you can see, marquees are a versatile and functional tool for any business. They’re also an efficient means in marketing your goods or services. If you are looking for one, consider Portable Pop Up Marquees to make your brand stand out. Call 1300 658 619 to have a representative help you find the right marquee for your next event.

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