Marquees for Every Situation

A marquee is a great advertising tool that offers the perfect balance between functionality and promoting brand awareness. Marquees have many uses for many industries, commonly seen at outdoor events, markets and trade shows. What industries most commonly use marquees and what purpose do they have? Read on to find out more:


Sporting events – when most people think of marquees, they usually think of sporting events and festivals. A staple at sporting events, branded marquees are ideally used to host sporting teams, a place to get out of the sun and a way to promote your brand. From surf clubs and Ironman competitions, to rugby and netball matches, marquees are a common site.


School events – similarly to sporting events, marquees are also commonly seen at school events, particularly sporting days where sun protection is a necessity. Usually categorised by the school or house colours, it makes it easy for children to find friends and teachers and stay sun safe.


Markets and outdoor events – from BBQs at Bunnings and motorcycle shows to food and market stalls, marquees are popular for any outdoor occasion. They can generate a specific area to call your own as a “pop up shop” and create an engaging space for prospective clients to enter into.


Conventions and conferences – on the busy convention floor, it can be difficult to separate your brand from the rest. A well designed marquee is a great way to make your organisation stand out and catch the eye of someone passing by. Matched with signs and flags, your footfall can see a significant increase and for those who don’t stop, your name is still on display for them to remember later.


Working outdoors – many companies that do a lot of work in the great outdoors need a space for their staff to escape the heat and protect them from the sun. Labour-heavy jobs like construction often use marquees to protect workers when outdoors, as well as promoting the company name on the marquee roof.


Think you may need to buy a marquee? Look no further than Portable Pop Up Marquees. Offering several styles and the ability to design something unique to you and your brand, we are sure to have something to suit your needs, so call 1300 658 619 today.

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Marquee Customisation

Customising your marquee

Marquees are an excellent addition to any organisation’s marketing mix, while also being a practical way to keep sheltered from the elements at events. From corporate events and exhibitions, to sports events and markets, marquees can be used in many applications with plenty of options for customisation. If you are looking to buy a marquee, you may wonder how you can customise the marquee to your business needs.


Below are a few customisation ideas you can take advantage of:


Marquee printing is available in either  screen printing and digital printing.  Your requirements will determine the most suitable method.

When printing digitally, the choice of size and fonts and colours is unlimited,  excluding metallic and psychedelic colours, and is therefore the most popular option. .

When using screen printing, the base colour of the marquee fabric is restricted to the standard fabric colours that are available and is only considered when this option becomes cheaper which is dependant on your artwork and quantities.

Many companies use their marquee as an advertising tool, using the fabric space to print the brand’s logo or message. Businesses, schools and market holders usually print their name, crest, motto or logo. You can even use your marquee to show off your latest deals or your business’ unique selling points.


Other accessories

Printing on your marquee isn’t the only way to make it unique! You can add walls and some other accessories to round out your marketing mix. You could attach Flying Banners to your marquee to attract more attention from far away or a wall to add more branding space. These accessories can both attract people and improve the functionality of the marquee.

A marquee is a great tool for your business, but customising is just as important as the purchase! Don’t just purchase a stock standard marquee. Buy a marquee from Portable Pop Up Marquees then talk to us about your customisation options and other accessories and banners to match.

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Care Tips for Marquees

Marquees are a great addition to any outdoor event or convention space. They are practical, while also offering a space for branding or advertising. However, they also require some care and upkeep to ensure they last for years to come. With this in mind, here are some cleaning, maintenance and repair tips to ensure your marquee is in great condition:


Remember to only use a mild detergent and damp cloth to clean marquees. Cleaning agents could damage the marquee. Small stains can be cleaned by dabbing at the stain then wiping away. Always clean with water after using the mild detergent on your marquee.

For the roof and walls, a soft mop is a good way to clean a large space. Open up the marquee fully and secure in position without extending the legs to make it easier to clean at any height. Where possible, clean your marquee regularly then dry it off completely before packing into a protective cover to prevent mildew.

For the frame, use a silicone spray lightly after every use or in damp conditions. This not only keeps the marquee clean but ensures it operates easily.


Maintenance prevents damage and extends the lifespan of your marquee, making it essential for any marquee owner.

Some things you want to check are the screws, legs and truss bars. Take a look that all the screws are firm, but not too tight, with the use of an Allen key and/or screw driver to ensure the marquee’s integrity. Check the truss bars are in good condition as these are crucial to the strength of the marquee. Finally, ensure all legs are clean and free from things like tape or cable ties when retracting and extending as this can cause damage if left unchecked.


The best way to go about repairs is to avoid damage in the first place. However, sometimes things can go wrong and damage is unavoidable. When this does happen, talking to the manufacturer is your best course of action. They can assess the damage and help with finding a repair centre or getting the marquee returned to the warehouse. If the piece is under warranty, this can also be handled by the maker.

For more advice and tips on looking after your marquee, talk to the experts at Portable Pop Up Marquees today!

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Complementary products for your marquee

Although marquees can offer many benefits on their own, adding complementary products can ramp up your return on investment and add to the marketing value, lifespan and effectiveness of the product. At Portable Pop Up Marquees (PPUM), we have several products and accessories that are beneficial for marquees, including the following:

Half or full walls

For those who use their marquee for marketing or want something more enclosed to for protection, half and full walls can help. With a large space for your message and the ability to enclose the marquee space, walls are a great addition.

Event signs and flags

Another great addition to the marketing mix, event signs and flags with the same branding and theme can help complete your range, helping to spread your message and bring the most value to your marketing strategy.


If you use your marquee for outdoor events and have to deal with rain or wet weather, gutters are a great add-on.

Leg weights

Pegs can secure marquees in most places, but sometimes they are not suitable. If the ground is not suitable for pegs or you are inside, weights are a safe, secure way to keep your marquee in place. Portable Pop Up  Marquees offer both 20kg rubber leg weights and sand leg wrap weights that offer an alternative when pegs are not suitable.

Connector units

If you have two or more shade units, they can easily be joined to provide a larger area. A connector unit can quickly and easily keep shades joined.

Special carry case

Most marquees, including those from Portable Pop Up Marquees, come with a carry case as standard. However, if your marquee is regularly shipped within states or interstate, you might benefit from something tougher. A hard shell split carry case will not only keep the marquee safe, but also convenient to store a transport.

Want to get the most out of your marquee? Add some accessories and other complementary products for a well-rounded set of outdoor advertising and shade products.

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Improving the longevity of your marquees

A marquee is a great addition for any organisation, providing shelter during outdoor events and a branding product on the convention floor. It offers both practical use and marketing benefit, with a large message space. However, marquees are also investments and it is important to make sure that investment lasts as long as possible. Improving the longevity of your marquee will ensure you get value for money. Here’s how:

Buy smart

The first and most important part of getting the longest life out of a marquee is to make sure you get a quality product backed by good customer service. Choosing a good supplier means a product made from the best materials and staff who can help with questions and problems with your marquee, ensuring you start on the right foot.

Set up marquee correctly

When setting up your marquee, ensure it is set up as per the instructions and that it is pegged or weighted down correctly. This will prevent damage from the weather or human accident.

Clean after every use

The last thing you want to do when you finish an event is clean up. You’re tired, it’s getting dark and you want to finish for the day. However, a light clean with a damp cloth and proper disassembly can make all the difference in the life of your marquee. Ensuring the marquee is in its original state, will ensure the materials stay strong and last for longer.

Store correctly

Following on from cleaning, also ensure you put all the marquee pieces away carefully. Take it apart as instructed in the instructions and put each piece away with care. Store the marquee in a cool, dry area to avoid storing your marquee before the fabric is completely dry , which can affect both the metal legs and the fabric roof.

Check the marquee for repairs

Every few months, go over the marquee’s parts carefully to check for any damage, even if it is slight. Identifying damage early can mean an easier, cheaper fix and a stronger marquee. If there is something you aren’t sure about, check your instructions or call your supplier.

Help your marquee last a lifetime with these top tips. Don’t have a marquee yet? Tick off the first step with Portable Pop Up Marquees.

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What to look for when you buy marquees

A marquee can be a great tool for businesses, organisations and individuals alike. Offering a space away from the sun and rain, as well as advertising materials to spread a message or brand, marquees can help designate an area for your business, make a space for food and drinks at functions, define a meeting space at school events and much more! However, before you go and buy the first marquee you can find, it is important to know what to look for.

If you are considering buying a marquee, take a look at these tips first:


Before even looking at marquees to buy, it is helpful to know how big you need it to be! Measure the size of the area where the marquee will sit. This is especially important for businesses setting up at a convention or a marketplace as you will be limited with your space, so if the marquee is too big, you can’t use it and if it is too small, your space will not command the same respect.

Shade material

There are a few different marquee materials that can be commonly found, offering varying degrees of quality with different price tags. The two main types of material used are polyester and PVC.  PVC is heavy and bulky to handle  and should typically be avoided if you are considering portable pop up marquees. Polyester sits best in regards to quality and cost and is typically used in these applications. It is also very important to ensure that the material is waterproof and offers suitable sun protection.

Frame features

A good marquee will have tubes with a diameter of at least 40mm. Anything less can easily bend and break in windy conditions. It can also help to have adjustable legs to accommodate different heights and feet that can be secured to keep the marquee stable. Premier suppliers will also offer anodised frames to avoid corrosion.


A marquee isn’t just a practical piece of equipment, it is also a way to spread a message or advertise your brand. When looking to buy a marquee, it is also a good idea to look at their printing options. Check if the company offers more than one colour, if they use screen printing or digital (or both!), whether they can print multiple areas and what kind of quality the printing will offer.

Accessories and extras

Good marquee providers will offer a number of accessories, such as a storage bag, ropes, pegs and a rubber mallet. Other extras that may be included or available to purchase separately include leg weights, rain gutters, connectors and marquee walls.

Looking for a company that ticks all the boxes? Head to Portable Pop Up Marquees for all your marquee needs.

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The many uses of a Portable Pop Up Marquee

Portable pop up marquees can offer instant shade for staff and guests, a way to spread awareness of your message or brand and a marketing tool for your company. Highly effective and easy to use, they are a great option for many businesses and organisations. Some of the most common uses for marquees include:


Whether indoors or out, a marquee is a great way to identify a location for your brand and add valuable marketing space. Print your logo on the marquee roof , overhangs or add a wall for more advertising area. With simple storage and set up, prepping and clean-up is simple.

School and Club events

Many sports events and fetes for schools are hosted in the heat of summer, making it extremely hot and dehydrating. To keep visitors, competitors and organisers out of the midday sun, portable marquees make a great shade solution that is easy to put up quickly and take down at the end of the day. They can also be a reference point to guide students through events and sign up. This is also handy for sports clubs and sponsorships.


Hosting a big party outdoors? It could be the celebration of an engagement or a party for your anniversary – whatever the reason, a marquee is a great way to keep your guests and perishables out of the elements. It can also make a great backdrop, with half and full wall additions, perfect for cutting the cake or giving cheers!


If you have a small business and often sell your wares at various markets, it can help to have a space to “set up shop”. While some markets will offer a stall or tent to work in, many will not and this can look unprofessional. Instead, a compact, pop up marquee can offer a portable shop that shows off your wares and spreads the brand name.

Think you may need to buy a marquee? Look no further than Portable Pop Up Marquees. With multiple sizes and styles, we are sure to have something to suit your needs, so call 1300 658 619 today.

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Benefits of using a printed promotional marquee for event branding

Marquees are effective tools in promoting your brand, especially during outdoor events. They provide a functional shaded area, while capturing significant attention with their designs. Below are some of the benefits in using promotional marquees for your corporate events.

Features an attractive design

The design of most marquees offers a professional and elegant look, available in different sizes and shapes. With the right lighting, you can even make a marquee standout at night. Working with a marquee provider, you can also design your message or brand on the marquee in a way that will best capture the attention of your target market. Marquees can make your brand stand out.

Unlike billboards or posters, marquees have three sides to showcase your brand. Your company name and logo becomes visible to foot traffic within the location and your target audience have a higher chance of encountering your brand in comparison to other conventional advertising methods.

Creates a unique venue

Marquees allow you to hold you’re corporate event in an outdoor area.  They are ideal for events outside, as well as trade shows, allowing you to construct your own personal and portable office or shop in minutes, creating an intimate space that is uniquely yours. Marquees also provide enough coverage during the sun and rain.

Allows for versatile uses

Marquees can be compared to blank canvases due to their versatility. They can also be tailored to your outdoor events. For example, flooring tiles can be added to prevent the attendant’s shoes from getting dirty. You can also add additional walls to create more hanging space and close off the marquee.

These structures can also be placed in different locations, from beaches and parks or concrete floors and exhibition halls. Because they’re portable, marquees are easier to relocate.

As you can see, marquees are a versatile and functional tool for any business. They’re also an efficient means in marketing your goods or services. If you are looking for one, consider Portable Pop Up Marquees to make your brand stand out. Call 1300 658 619 to have a representative help you find the right marquee for your next event.

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