A marquee can be a great tool for businesses, organisations and individuals alike. Offering a space away from the sun and rain, as well as advertising materials to spread a message or brand, marquees can help designate an area for your business, make a space for food and drinks at functions, define a meeting space at school events and much more! However, before you go and buy the first marquee you can find, it is important to know what to look for.

If you are considering buying a marquee, take a look at these tips first:


Before even looking at marquees to buy, it is helpful to know how big you need it to be! Measure the size of the area where the marquee will sit. This is especially important for businesses setting up at a convention or a marketplace as you will be limited with your space, so if the marquee is too big, you can’t use it and if it is too small, your space will not command the same respect.

Shade material

There are a few different marquee materials that can be commonly found, offering varying degrees of quality with different price tags. The two main types of material used are polyester and PVC.  PVC is heavy and bulky to handle  and should typically be avoided if you are considering portable pop up marquees. Polyester sits best in regards to quality and cost and is typically used in these applications. It is also very important to ensure that the material is waterproof and offers suitable sun protection.

Frame features

A good marquee will have tubes with a diameter of at least 40mm. Anything less can easily bend and break in windy conditions. It can also help to have adjustable legs to accommodate different heights and feet that can be secured to keep the marquee stable. Premier suppliers will also offer anodised frames to avoid corrosion.


A marquee isn’t just a practical piece of equipment, it is also a way to spread a message or advertise your brand. When looking to buy a marquee, it is also a good idea to look at their printing options. Check if the company offers more than one colour, if they use screen printing or digital (or both!), whether they can print multiple areas and what kind of quality the printing will offer.

Accessories and extras

Good marquee providers will offer a number of accessories, such as a storage bag, ropes, pegs and a rubber mallet. Other extras that may be included or available to purchase separately include leg weights, rain gutters, connectors and marquee walls.

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