Customising your marquee

Marquees are an excellent addition to any organisation’s marketing mix, while also being a practical way to keep sheltered from the elements at events. From corporate events and exhibitions, to sports events and markets, marquees can be used in many applications with plenty of options for customisation. If you are looking to buy a marquee, you may wonder how you can customise the marquee to your business needs.


Below are a few customisation ideas you can take advantage of:


Marquee printing is available in either  screen printing and digital printing.  Your requirements will determine the most suitable method.

When printing digitally, the choice of size and fonts and colours is unlimited,  excluding metallic and psychedelic colours, and is therefore the most popular option. .

When using screen printing, the base colour of the marquee fabric is restricted to the standard fabric colours that are available and is only considered when this option becomes cheaper which is dependant on your artwork and quantities.

Many companies use their marquee as an advertising tool, using the fabric space to print the brand’s logo or message. Businesses, schools and market holders usually print their name, crest, motto or logo. You can even use your marquee to show off your latest deals or your business’ unique selling points.


Other accessories

Printing on your marquee isn’t the only way to make it unique! You can add walls and some other accessories to round out your marketing mix. You could attach Flying Banners to your marquee to attract more attention from far away or a wall to add more branding space. These accessories can both attract people and improve the functionality of the marquee.

A marquee is a great tool for your business, but customising is just as important as the purchase! Don’t just purchase a stock standard marquee. Buy a marquee from Portable Pop Up Marquees then talk to us about your customisation options and other accessories and banners to match.

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