FREE Tablecloth with 6 x 3 Marquee

Buy a 6m x 3m Heavy Duty Marquee with full digital printing and get a FREE Printed Stretchy Fitted Tablecloth

• The Stretchy Fitted Tablecloth fits a standard Trestle Table 6 ft / 1.8 m wide and is printed on high grade stretch polyester fabric, which tightly wraps around the trestle table to give it a curved modern look. (Offer excludes Table)

• The Stretchy Fitted Tablecloth comes with 4 PVC pockets stitched at all four bottom corners. The foot of the trestle table sits in these pockets, which stretches the fabric and gives it the perfect fit.

• The 6m x 3m Heavy Duty Marquee includes the heavy duty Aluminium Frame, a commercial grade, waterproof polyester, digitally printed Roof Top, Ropes, Pegs & Wheeled Trolley Bag

• Optional Extras are available for the Marquee, such as Marquee Walls, Marquee Leg Weights, Wheel Castors, Banners and much more.

For a same day quote – please contact us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

*This offer is valid for all orders placed by 31 October 2016 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or quote.

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Marquee Customisation

Customising your marquee

Marquees are an excellent addition to any organisation’s marketing mix, while also being a practical way to keep sheltered from the elements at events. From corporate events and exhibitions, to sports events and markets, marquees can be used in many applications with plenty of options for customisation. If you are looking to buy a marquee, you may wonder how you can customise the marquee to your business needs.


Below are a few customisation ideas you can take advantage of:


Marquee printing is available in either  screen printing and digital printing.  Your requirements will determine the most suitable method.

When printing digitally, the choice of size and fonts and colours is unlimited,  excluding metallic and psychedelic colours, and is therefore the most popular option. .

When using screen printing, the base colour of the marquee fabric is restricted to the standard fabric colours that are available and is only considered when this option becomes cheaper which is dependant on your artwork and quantities.

Many companies use their marquee as an advertising tool, using the fabric space to print the brand’s logo or message. Businesses, schools and market holders usually print their name, crest, motto or logo. You can even use your marquee to show off your latest deals or your business’ unique selling points.


Other accessories

Printing on your marquee isn’t the only way to make it unique! You can add walls and some other accessories to round out your marketing mix. You could attach Flying Banners to your marquee to attract more attention from far away or a wall to add more branding space. These accessories can both attract people and improve the functionality of the marquee.

A marquee is a great tool for your business, but customising is just as important as the purchase! Don’t just purchase a stock standard marquee. Buy a marquee from Portable Pop Up Marquees then talk to us about your customisation options and other accessories and banners to match.

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Buy a Marquee get a FREE Banner

Boost your outdoor marketing with our great Marquee and FREE Banner offer *

*Order a printed Marquee of ANY size by 31 March 2016 and receive a FREE Paddle Banner. The FREE Paddle Banner offer includes – Small Paddle Banner complete with Printed Banner, Rods, Carry Bag and Soft Ground Spike.

Contact us or jump online now to request a Quote for your requirements.

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Free Leg Weight Offer

4 Free Sand Bag Leg Weights with every 3 x 3 Printed Marquee ordered*.



– Heavy Duty 40 mm leg Frame OR
– Commercial Heavy Duty 50mm leg Frame
– Easy to transport


– Quality Digital Print and /or Screenprint
– 100 % Waterproof Polyester Fabric
– Resistant to UV penetration


– Range of accessories and optional extras


*This offer is valid for all orders placed and deposit received by 31 December 2015 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or quote.
Contact us or jump online now to request a Quote for your requirements.

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Complementary products for your marquee

Although marquees can offer many benefits on their own, adding complementary products can ramp up your return on investment and add to the marketing value, lifespan and effectiveness of the product. At Portable Pop Up Marquees (PPUM), we have several products and accessories that are beneficial for marquees, including the following:

Half or full walls

For those who use their marquee for marketing or want something more enclosed to for protection, half and full walls can help. With a large space for your message and the ability to enclose the marquee space, walls are a great addition.

Event signs and flags

Another great addition to the marketing mix, event signs and flags with the same branding and theme can help complete your range, helping to spread your message and bring the most value to your marketing strategy.


If you use your marquee for outdoor events and have to deal with rain or wet weather, gutters are a great add-on.

Leg weights

Pegs can secure marquees in most places, but sometimes they are not suitable. If the ground is not suitable for pegs or you are inside, weights are a safe, secure way to keep your marquee in place. Portable Pop Up  Marquees offer both 20kg rubber leg weights and sand leg wrap weights that offer an alternative when pegs are not suitable.

Connector units

If you have two or more shade units, they can easily be joined to provide a larger area. A connector unit can quickly and easily keep shades joined.

Special carry case

Most marquees, including those from Portable Pop Up Marquees, come with a carry case as standard. However, if your marquee is regularly shipped within states or interstate, you might benefit from something tougher. A hard shell split carry case will not only keep the marquee safe, but also convenient to store a transport.

Want to get the most out of your marquee? Add some accessories and other complementary products for a well-rounded set of outdoor advertising and shade products.

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Marquee Accessories You’ll Need

Portable marquees are a must for almost any outdoor event. These shaded structures can be even more useful and attractive with accessories. Certain additions can improve the stability of your marquee or make it more eye catching to your target audience.

Below are some of the portable marquee accessories you’ll want to consider:

Marquee door and wall panels

Typically, marquees provide only a top covering with all four sides left open. For some branding events, this is often adequate. For others though, you may need to close off one or more sides. This is done to add more security or to allow for a certain type of lighting for product exposure.

Marque door and wall panels provide just this. Certain wall panels even have built in features, such as a mesh window to allow natural light and air inside. Others provide a waist high cover to allow full exposure on the inside while still keeping a secure barricade.

Typically, marquees provide only a top covering with all four sides left open. For some branding events, this is often adequate

Marquee weights

In order to provide stability for your marquee on different surfaces, weights can be attached to the legs of your marquee. Sand bags are a great option to provide this. The bags are filled with sand and wrapped around the poles.

Rubber leg weights are another type of weight accessory. They act as anchors on your marquee’s poles to keep the structure stable. Easy and effective, they sit at the bottom of the poke and can be easily slid on and off.

Marquee gutters

Marquee gutters prevent rain water from entering the interior. The gutter also acts as a connector for multiple marquees. This accessory can prevent leaks and water damage in between two or more marquees.

Marquee accessories are just as important as the marquee itself! If you are looking for high quality marquees and accessories, Portable Pop Up Marquees has you covered. Get in touch with a representative on 1300 658 619 to discuss your needs.

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