Although marquees can offer many benefits on their own, adding complementary products can ramp up your return on investment and add to the marketing value, lifespan and effectiveness of the product. At Portable Pop Up Marquees (PPUM), we have several products and accessories that are beneficial for marquees, including the following:

Half or full walls

For those who use their marquee for marketing or want something more enclosed to for protection, half and full walls can help. With a large space for your message and the ability to enclose the marquee space, walls are a great addition.

Event signs and flags

Another great addition to the marketing mix, event signs and flags with the same branding and theme can help complete your range, helping to spread your message and bring the most value to your marketing strategy.


If you use your marquee for outdoor events and have to deal with rain or wet weather, gutters are a great add-on.

Leg weights

Pegs can secure marquees in most places, but sometimes they are not suitable. If the ground is not suitable for pegs or you are inside, weights are a safe, secure way to keep your marquee in place. Portable Pop Up  Marquees offer both 20kg rubber leg weights and sand leg wrap weights that offer an alternative when pegs are not suitable.

Connector units

If you have two or more shade units, they can easily be joined to provide a larger area. A connector unit can quickly and easily keep shades joined.

Special carry case

Most marquees, including those from Portable Pop Up Marquees, come with a carry case as standard. However, if your marquee is regularly shipped within states or interstate, you might benefit from something tougher. A hard shell split carry case will not only keep the marquee safe, but also convenient to store a transport.

Want to get the most out of your marquee? Add some accessories and other complementary products for a well-rounded set of outdoor advertising and shade products.

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