A marquee is a great advertising tool that offers the perfect balance between functionality and promoting brand awareness. Marquees have many uses for many industries, commonly seen at outdoor events, markets and trade shows. What industries most commonly use marquees and what purpose do they have? Read on to find out more:


Sporting events – when most people think of marquees, they usually think of sporting events and festivals. A staple at sporting events, branded marquees are ideally used to host sporting teams, a place to get out of the sun and a way to promote your brand. From surf clubs and Ironman competitions, to rugby and netball matches, marquees are a common site.


School events – similarly to sporting events, marquees are also commonly seen at school events, particularly sporting days where sun protection is a necessity. Usually categorised by the school or house colours, it makes it easy for children to find friends and teachers and stay sun safe.


Markets and outdoor events – from BBQs at Bunnings and motorcycle shows to food and market stalls, marquees are popular for any outdoor occasion. They can generate a specific area to call your own as a “pop up shop” and create an engaging space for prospective clients to enter into.


Conventions and conferences – on the busy convention floor, it can be difficult to separate your brand from the rest. A well designed marquee is a great way to make your organisation stand out and catch the eye of someone passing by. Matched with signs and flags, your footfall can see a significant increase and for those who don’t stop, your name is still on display for them to remember later.


Working outdoors – many companies that do a lot of work in the great outdoors need a space for their staff to escape the heat and protect them from the sun. Labour-heavy jobs like construction often use marquees to protect workers when outdoors, as well as promoting the company name on the marquee roof.


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