Marquees are a great addition to any outdoor event or convention space. They are practical, while also offering a space for branding or advertising. However, they also require some care and upkeep to ensure they last for years to come. With this in mind, here are some cleaning, maintenance and repair tips to ensure your marquee is in great condition:


Remember to only use a mild detergent and damp cloth to clean marquees. Cleaning agents could damage the marquee. Small stains can be cleaned by dabbing at the stain then wiping away. Always clean with water after using the mild detergent on your marquee.

For the roof and walls, a soft mop is a good way to clean a large space. Open up the marquee fully and secure in position without extending the legs to make it easier to clean at any height. Where possible, clean your marquee regularly then dry it off completely before packing into a protective cover to prevent mildew.

For the frame, use a silicone spray lightly after every use or in damp conditions. This not only keeps the marquee clean but ensures it operates easily.


Maintenance prevents damage and extends the lifespan of your marquee, making it essential for any marquee owner.

Some things you want to check are the screws, legs and truss bars. Take a look that all the screws are firm, but not too tight, with the use of an Allen key and/or screw driver to ensure the marquee’s integrity. Check the truss bars are in good condition as these are crucial to the strength of the marquee. Finally, ensure all legs are clean and free from things like tape or cable ties when retracting and extending as this can cause damage if left unchecked.


The best way to go about repairs is to avoid damage in the first place. However, sometimes things can go wrong and damage is unavoidable. When this does happen, talking to the manufacturer is your best course of action. They can assess the damage and help with finding a repair centre or getting the marquee returned to the warehouse. If the piece is under warranty, this can also be handled by the maker.

For more advice and tips on looking after your marquee, talk to the experts at Portable Pop Up Marquees today!

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