A marquee is a great addition for any organisation, providing shelter during outdoor events and a branding product on the convention floor. It offers both practical use and marketing benefit, with a large message space. However, marquees are also investments and it is important to make sure that investment lasts as long as possible. Improving the longevity of your marquee will ensure you get value for money. Here’s how:

Buy smart

The first and most important part of getting the longest life out of a marquee is to make sure you get a quality product backed by good customer service. Choosing a good supplier means a product made from the best materials and staff who can help with questions and problems with your marquee, ensuring you start on the right foot.

Set up marquee correctly

When setting up your marquee, ensure it is set up as per the instructions and that it is pegged or weighted down correctly. This will prevent damage from the weather or human accident.

Clean after every use

The last thing you want to do when you finish an event is clean up. You’re tired, it’s getting dark and you want to finish for the day. However, a light clean with a damp cloth and proper disassembly can make all the difference in the life of your marquee. Ensuring the marquee is in its original state, will ensure the materials stay strong and last for longer.

Store correctly

Following on from cleaning, also ensure you put all the marquee pieces away carefully. Take it apart as instructed in the instructions and put each piece away with care. Store the marquee in a cool, dry area to avoid storing your marquee before the fabric is completely dry , which can affect both the metal legs and the fabric roof.

Check the marquee for repairs

Every few months, go over the marquee’s parts carefully to check for any damage, even if it is slight. Identifying damage early can mean an easier, cheaper fix and a stronger marquee. If there is something you aren’t sure about, check your instructions or call your supplier.

Help your marquee last a lifetime with these top tips. Don’t have a marquee yet? Tick off the first step with Portable Pop Up Marquees.

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