Customising your marquee Marquees are an excellent addition to any organisation’s marketing mix, while also being a practical way to keep sheltered from the elements at events. From corporate events and exhibitions, to sports events and markets, marquees can be used in many applications with plenty of options for customisation. If you are looking to… Continue reading

Marquees are a great addition to any outdoor event or convention space. They are practical, while also offering a space for branding or advertising. However, they also require some care and upkeep to ensure they last for years to come. With this in mind, here are some cleaning, maintenance and repair tips to ensure your… Continue reading

Although marquees can offer many benefits on their own, adding complementary products can ramp up your return on investment and add to the marketing value, lifespan and effectiveness of the product. At Portable Pop Up Marquees (PPUM), we have several products and accessories that are beneficial for marquees, including the following: Half or full walls… Continue reading

Marquees are effective tools in promoting your brand, especially during outdoor events. They provide a functional shaded area, while capturing significant attention with their designs. Below are some of the benefits in using promotional marquees for your corporate events. Features an attractive design The design of most marquees offers a professional and elegant look, available… Continue reading